Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mr Rupert Myers ... A Pundit (Oooops, Barrister) To Be Avoided, At All Costs, It Appears

Last updated: November 13th, 2012

Internet access is not a 'human right' – for perverts [offensive and inflammatory] or anyone else

"People reading about this case will conclude that they too would wish to see this man die with the order still in place. Though it shouldn’t have been said so luridly by the judge, the sentiment is a fair one. The appeal court has instead ordered that Mr Jackson must only make his internet history available for viewing by the police."

"The punishment he received formed part of what could have been an effective package of community service. Quite aside from the problems of policing the internet, putting the internet out of sight may have helped Mr Jackson to put his criminal proclivities out of mind. Removing just one person from the global online trade in images of children [sic] would have been worth whatever trivial cost Mr Jackson would have had to pay for stamps to write letters to people instead of emailing them."

I’m a barrister specialising in civil & commercial law. I also write.

"I’ve been a pundit on BBC1, Sky News, ITV, LBC, Five Live and BBC WM. I’ve debated in televised debates alongside public figures including Secretaries of State, editors, & international experts."

Rupert Myers BA (Cantab)

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