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We Call 'Bullshit', Peter And Claire

Look Into His Eyes

6:00AM GMT 14 Jan 2013

British children 'sexually abused [sic] on social media by paedophiles [sic] overseas'

"British children are increasingly being sexually abused [sic] on social media by paedophiles [sic] in other countries, a senior police chief has warned, as a burgeoning “cottage industry” [sic] is now a key focus of the agency’s work.

"Sexual predators hack [sic] into their social networking accounts and blackmail [sic] children into carrying out acts of abuse [sic] over webcams without even being in the same country, Peter Davies, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre, said."

"The warning comes after two brothers who sexually abused [sic] almost 80 children in the UK were jailed in Kuwait last month after an operation led by CEOP.

MA, 35, and his brother Y, 27, tricked [sic] 78 children aged 12 to 16 in the UK to give them their online passwords before threatening [sic] them into carrying out inappropriate sex acts via a webcam.

Both men were jailed for five years last month after being convicted of blackmail in relation to child sex abuse offences."

Daily Mail Page Down

Ceop warns over 'alarming new trend' [sic] in online sex abuse [sic]

Children's lives devastated [sic] by online abuse [sic] – but parents can act, says Ceop

CEOP warns of dangers of online 'abuse' [sic] 

Parents warned of online abuse [sic] 


Ceop warns over 'alarming new trend' [sic] in online sex abuse [sic]

Paedophiles [sic] Targeting Smartphone Apps 

A review of young people's vulnerabilities to online grooming


(1) The 'abuse' not illegal where the men reside,

(2) Blackmail is illegal (given any, actually, occurred),

(3) Giving someone your password is not being hacked,

(4) More of the usual disinformation and lies, from CEOP and The NSPCC.

The OSC 


Monday, June 03, 2013

Sex predators blackmail children online

Increased law enforcement cooperation is the key to fighting online child abuse [sic]

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