Saturday, 3 August 2013

Discrepancies Between The Account The Girl Gave

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Cumbrian man tells of his rape trial ordeal

"A man cleared of raping a schoolgirl when he was 16 years old has described the devastating effect of the allegation on his life.

It took a jury two hours and 38 minutes to unanimously clear TM of the 11 sex abuse allegations he faced – three charges of rape, seven of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault.

He has consistently denied all of the charges. Outside Carlisle Crown Court yesterday, after he was cleared on all counts, Mr M, of [redacted], Longtown, said that he had endured a year of stress and turmoil since he was arrested.

He said: “I’ve lost two stone in weight, I haven’t been sleeping, and somebody put my window out at my house, so I ended up losing that too because my landlord didn’t want it to be damaged any more.

“I stopped going out because I was afraid to walk down the street, so I lost my benefits as well.

“It’s been terrible.”"


Teacher cleared of raping pupil

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