Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No Keiran - Courts Decide Guilt - Listen To How Keiran 'Works' And How Considerably 'Intelligent' He Is ...


Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part One) Links in Description 


Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part Two) Links in Description


Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part Three) Links in Description.


Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part Four) Links in Description.


Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part Five) Links in Description


How the prankster, trolling, illogical, ignorant, lying, vigilante, bullies operate ...

Female Paedophile [sic] Defender [sic] gets Angry

Be sure to note, that they will operate, in the same way, wherever they work ...

The idiocy within, and the bullying of, a caring, relatively-unbiased, working, woman, shows no bounds.


Published on Jul 2, 2014

"Recording only took place once the person on the other of the phone had asked me to record it - this video is perfectly legal and within the guidelines of YouTube's terms of service.

The person in this video has spent the last 12 months stalking, harassing and being a bit of a pain towards myself and my team so I managed to track her down and this is the audio from the phone conversation we had.

For further reading please see this blog - it will help give further understanding to what has happened:

Part Two of this video:

Information about each video is available via various newspapers, radio stations and TV channels and google searches as they have been widely reported on.

These are the ONLY social media I have [now ;)]






Stinson Hunter Journalist [sic] 


Clayton Griefing

Jo Callaghan 


"I'm not gonna publish anything ..."

"I'm not posting a single thing ..."

"It's not a game, Jo, when you're messin' with peoples' lives ..."

"I'm a better person than you ..."

"I don't like, that people, like YOU, exist ..."

"I'm a different person ..." 

"Some people, are just born, broken ... some people are unfixable ...

"I won't upload a single thing ... I promise you that ..."

Keiran Parsons
aka Stinson Hunter


Phone us, Keiran (or your attack dogs) - email us, you can have our number (you should have it, already, if you are that keen).

Better still, let's have a Skype debate/discussion.


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