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August 27, 2014

Rollins: No place for sex offenders to go

"Ol' Chaplain Farris Robertson is at it again — housing multiple registered sex offenders in a residential Springfield neighborhood despite a city order to vacate.

Attorneys with the city of Springfield, busy defending the city's position in federal court, have decided to leave the residents of 1809 E. Crestview St. alone, for now.

City officials are hopeful a court hearing, expected in early September, will put an end to the discussion and finally force the residents to disband. The city says, among other complaints, that far too many of the residents are on probation or parole.

Reporter's Notebook: Seeking sex offender's perspective

Robertson, on the other hand, is confident the court will side with his view — that the residents of the Crestview house are recovering addicts, some of whom happen to be sex offenders, and are therefore protected under federal law.

But we'll get back to all the legal maneuverings another day.

I wanted to bring up something Chaplain Robertson said this week when I asked him about the four registered sex offenders currently living at the house.

First, he noted that by late June, all of the sex offenders that had lived in the Crestview house had moved out — or in his words, the city and neighborhood had "run them off."

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