Thursday, 16 October 2014

What, Exactly, Do These Hateful People Want?

In the Public Interest?

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Published: 17 hrs ago (17:52, 16/10/14)

Jamie chef raped schoolgirl aged 12

"A CHILD rapist has been taken on as an apprentice to celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver."

Published: 10:47, 16 October 2014 | Updated: 16:03, 16 October 2014

Paedophile [not], 24, who raped 12-year-old girl [statutory] is handed [earned] a job as a chef at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant ahead of thousands of disadvantaged applicants [Hahahahaah, you mean Mr M is not?]

 ">Chef DM, 24, from [redacted], was convicted of raping a child,
>Initially said it was consensual but then admitted raping her when he was 19,
>Judge told him: 'You knew having sex with such a young girl was wrong',
>In 2010 he was sentenced to four years in a young offenders' institution,
>Now M has been chosen for Oliver's Fifteen apprentice programme,
>It 'helps young people stay out of trouble and make something of lives',
>Spokesman for the TV chef says: 'We decided that he deserved his chance."'

9:08AM BST 16 Oct 2014

Jamie Oliver takes on paedophile [not] as restaurant apprentice 

"Convicted paedophile [not] awarded sought-after job at Jamie Oliver's London restaurant, Fifteen."


Mr Jamie Oliver, we will never criticise you again, without very good reason.

We are not even going to start, on the attacking of Mr Ched Evans !!!
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23 October 2014

Ched Evans and the silencing of debate

"Campaigners are snuffing out any dissent from the official rape narrative."

"The Evans case has caused a flurry of debate, but the atmosphere in which that debate has taken place has often been fevered and hysterical. Certain opinions about rape should not be dismissed as ‘too dangerous’ or patronisingly written off as ‘rape myths’, as if there exists some other category of ‘rape truths’ to which the enlightened have access.

We must ensure that we are free to question all the prevailing orthodoxies around rape, redemption and the role and responsibilities of victims. This principle of open debate on issues of public morality is of equal if not greater importance than where Ched Evans will eventually end up playing football."

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