Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's A Populist Measure And Deeply Flawed In Nature

31 March 2015

Sarah's Law [sic] is no panacea for scourge of paedophilia [sic]

"David Ford is right to resist calls to introduce the child abuse legislation here. It's a populist measure and deeply flawed in nature. The old traditions of vigilance and rehabilitation would serve our children better, writes Suzanne Breen."

"Our gut instinct is to be repulsed by sex offenders. As a journalist, I've met paramilitaries involved in brutal killings, armed robbers, and those engaged in all sorts of crime.

Regardless of my views on what they've done, I've never had a problem relating to them as people. But it turns my stomach to set eyes on even the most low risk sex offender, let alone speak to him.

Yet the conundrum is that the sex offender most likely to reoffend is the one driven underground and isolated from society. That's not an argument for protecting perverts' rights, it's a cold fact.

I don't know the answers but I do know it's time we held our noses and dealt comprehensively with this issue. Because hysteria, ranting, or opting for gimmicks, does nothing to enhance child safety."

31 March 2015

Sarah's Law [sic] ruled out by Ford over fears it could lead to vigilante attacks

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