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Stop Calling Non-Paedophiles, Paedophiles !!!


13th July, 2015 

The Nature of Paedophilia [maybe]

"Three years on from the murder of their daughter April Jones by paedophile [not] Mark Bridger, her parents Coral and Paul are calling for help to be given to paedophiles to stop them offending. Perhaps surprising views given their loss, but should we be giving this idea a lot more thought? And how can we stop child abuse by paedophiles [not]  when we understand very little about them? [Eh?]

BBC health correspondent Matthew Hill looks at the subject from a scientific point of view and examines what we do know about paedophilia. He explores the latest scientific research on what causes it, whether it is a treatable illness and how our understanding of the condition has implications for the best way to manage it.

He talks to leading neuroscientists about what is going in the brains of paedophiles and visits the NeMUP project in Germany; a research consortium studying the neurobiological mechanisms underlying paedophilia.

Matthew considers whether our collective revulsion of paedophiles [sic] is getting in the way of preventing child sexual abuse. If they were less vilified, would they be more willing to seek help and would this prevent offences being committed? [sic] With exclusive access to two paedophiles, Matthew finds out what it is like to be seen by society as a monster and what support is available in the UK.

And if paedophilia is a medical condition [no, PD is] that needs our understanding, should we not be investing more in preventative treatment? The NSPCC and police service think so and believe we need to adopt a public health approach. The programme also speaks to “Don’t Offend”, a unique prevention project taking place in Germany.

(Image: Brain differences between paedophiles and non-paedophiles illustrated in Dr James Cantor’s white matter study)"


22:18, 13 July 2015

The paedophiles who never abuse children: Anonymous treatment programme has dealt with more than 400 men

"The radical policy has been turning heads in Germany, where it now has 11 centres and more than 5,000 potential applicants."

13 July 2015

Germany urges paedophiles out of the shadows

"Some men who are sexually attracted to children would like help to change their condition but fear doctors will tell the police. In Germany, though, a campaign is under way to persuade them to sign up for confidential treatment, even if they have abused a child - and doctors are hailing it as a big success."

June 9, 2015

Paedophiles ‘need therapy not arrest’ to fight child abuse

"Paedophiles should be given therapy without the threat of arrest to help tackle child abuse, a leading UK academic on paedophiles has said.

Dr Sarah Goode warned the threat of being reported by doctors and therapists is driving paedophiles underground and stopping them seeking help.

She is calling for the government to support a national prevention programme offering free help for paedophiles before they have committed a crime.

Dr Goode, author of Paedophiles in Society, said: “At the moment the only thing we do is try and catch people after they have harmed children – nobody is intervening before.

“We need to train therapists across the country so if you have concerns about your sexual feelings you can go to a therapist feeling confident they are not going to report you.”"

Tuesday 14 July 2015

In Germany, they treat paedophiles as victims… not offenders

"Dunkelfeld-Project allows paedophiles to seek help anonymous."

July 18, 2015 12:08PM

Experts are calling for prevention strategies for paedophilia, so why is no one listening?

"However when she began lobbying to establish a similar initiative in Australia in 2003, she was met with a wall of resistance.

“It’s been highly frustrating ... and now we’ve come to a standstill,” she told

She’s had countless meetings with politicians and put in countless submissions for funding, but the director of Bundaberg-based charity Phoenix House says it’s been “a real political struggle”.

“We’ll have a mass exodus of votes if we do that,” Aussie politicians have told her in the past.

But she hasn’t stopped trying.

“We have the evidence that men who want to change will come forward,” she laments. However securing funding remains an elusive goal. “We’ve been going around in circles.”

Ms Prentice admits that is a politically unattractive issue and understands the reluctance but believes the “benefits” of “a comprehensive response” are greatly needed.

Ms Ronken from Bravehearts agrees. While dedicated to protecting children and victims of abuse, she wants Australian men who voluntarily seek help to be able to get it.

“It’s not an either/or for us,” she said."

Updated 16 Jul 2015, 1:23am

Paedophiles [sic] who don't want to harm children need specialist counselling, experts warn

"The German program uses therapy to challenge cognitive distortion. [sic]

"I would be very supportive of Australia adopting an approach like the Dunkelfeld Project ... but undoubtedly there would be resistance to such an approach here, undoubtedly there was resistance to such an approach in Germany.""

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Sexual Crime in Myth and Reality 

"News outlets often use the term ‘paedophile’ (and/or ‘paedophilia’) in a way that essentially assumes it means the same thing as ‘child sexual abuse’.

However, there are fundamental differences between these two terms.

There is no reference to paedophilia within the Sexual Offences Act 2003, meaning that, legally speaking, ‘paedophilia’ is not a crime.

However, the area that does use the phrase ‘paedophilia’ is psychiatry, which defines it as a pervasive pattern of sexual interest in prepubertal children (typically aged below 13 years). It’s here that there is a difference.

Paedophilia can be defined as a sexual preference – but is not necessarily a behaviour."



Facing Disturbing Truths About Pedophilia Could Help Us Keep Kids Safer

"Pedophilia can be something you're born with.

It's not an addiction, although pedophiles can be sex addicts and are often given addiction-type treatment.

As a sex addict, I'm convinced we fail these people in ways that increase our risks."

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2015-July-13 22:40:53

Germany urges paedophiles out of the shadows


We have confirmed, that the German teams, qualify their patients under the ICD-10 criteria, and not DSM-V



iPM - Mandatory Reporting Issues

"'If I report too readily the risk is that they're not going to come to therapy.'

To report or not to report? A listener's dilemma when counselling paedophiles."

StopSO @StopSexOffendng 

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Juliet Grayson @CounsellorsCPD


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