Sunday, 29 October 2017

One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority

... except, a few hours in a cell and missing my lift ... oh, and showing my face. 

I am good at shouting at people, from a distance, biggy, when my boys (when they are not running away) arrive ... and I can also run fast !!! 

So much for protecting the target, when the shit hits the fan.

... and a few other reprobates ...

... including, this inciting (oh yes, we have the video), 
medieval-age-mentality, village idiot, thug ...

"We'll deal with dem people afterwards ..."

"I know some boys ... I'm gonna ring some boys too [address doxed, again] ..."

"See this family ... watch what's coming to you, I promise you that,
 here's my face ... watch what's coming to you, you fucking wrong 'uns." (Sean Gower) ...

... and the modern-day, lying-to-police, Barbara Windsor,
 of skulking, running and hiding, Julie, herself ...

... and her (on bail, what for?) pathetic, precarious, protégé, Stacey Shortarse Gobshite ...

Just one more, retarded, congregation, of socially and legally-inept, simpleton, cowardly (albeit, sensibly, in this case), fantasists, wasting valuable, police, time ...

Great work; it will be well-noted, by the police and other authorities. You do our job for us - thank you.

More to follow, we expect.



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Thank you.

The OSC 


  1. I wish I'd made a copy of Ronnie Craig's meltdown broadcast before he deleted it. He was making veiled threats toward the people living at that address, stating there will be repercussions.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    We have a copy of the video.


    The OSC

  3. What was especially funny was the way the guy said "I'm afraid of nothing, I will tell you where I am from, I am from nottinmgham, we aren't scared of anyone."

    Literally 5 minutes later you heard car tyres screech to a halt and they hunter who had said the above ran like Forrest Gump.,

    They are cowards. And they have proved in a single video why evidence should be handed to the police, rather than having chavs in tracksuits confronting people on their own doorsteps.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Strength in numbers, weak (in mind and body), when alone, or when challenged.

      That is why they are, where they are, in life.

      TY for your comment.

      The OSC

    2. He also didn't like the possibility of being arrested (for potential breach of the peace), and announced that he would be flouncing off when police backup arrived.

      He then did just that, leaving other hunting teams to deal with the mess from his team's sting.


  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Indeed, and it seems, that they have no comprehension, of the realities, of Prevention of BoTP or Dispersal Orders.

    Truly, dangerous, cowardly, idiots.

    The OSC

  5. Notice any serious questions regarding his relationship with a 16 yr old girl on name and shame on facebook is quickly deleted. The man has more skeletons in his closet that Donald Trump that one.