Sunday, 17 December 2017

Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)

Of course, Andy is not the first one, to have done this, or similar, and will not be the last; Don't be like Andy, but, do what Andy, has now done.

Now, we need, a few more, Common Assault and Harassment convictions.

Tick Tock.



  1. Status update from Paddy 'fat twat in shorts' Fripps.

    ''Team have just got back safe and sound, absolutely gutted and deflated though with Thames Valley Police leaving the just under 4 hours on a 999 call to then not even arrest the predator''

    So he spends 4 hours (late at night) outside the home of someone he knows has ''severe learning difficulties'' (in his own words) and wonders why the police have not arrested him there and then for 'fictional children.' You should've just handed your evidence over to them in the police in the first place.

    There really is no cure for stupid.

    I've also pointed out a fact before, that I shall now repeat for the benefit of the ex EDL thug and any other knuckle dragging monkeys in the 'hunting community.'

    Your call to the police, which is regarding fictional children (mainly on adult dating sites - where no real children are proven to exist = no real children saved), WILL NEVER BE A MATTER THAT WARRANTS DIALING 999.

    999 is for emergencies only, and no matter how many times you dial it, the police WILL NEVER upgrade your call to that particular high priority status - certainly not while there are REAL EMERGENCIES occurring anyway. Calls are graded, that's how it works. You and your fictional children while just have to wait.

    Let's hope that this information sinks in to your thick skulls, just as we can only hope that your time wasting use of 999 does not put someone in desperate need in danger (such as a violent domestic incident).

    Vigilantes; always brainless, never learning from their mistakes.

  2. Yes, Andy Cannon, the idiot that tells numerous men they are paedophiles for chatting to a '15 yeard old,' and then takes paypal donations from gullible idiots who falsely believe he's protecting real children.

    Proper Jeremy Kyle show material if I ever saw it.

  3. Vigilante-case, hang 'im, hang'im.

  4. What a great description of Fripps lol Paddy Fat twat in shorts soo funny. But on a serious note why does he think that its acceptable to call 999 for fictional children why waste valuable poilce time its ridiculous and the sooner the so called "hunters" get attested for wasting police time the better.

  5. That's not the first time ive heard these hunters getting into trouble for a accusing innocent people of being paedophiles fat boy Fripps is up in court sometime in the next year for accusing someone. This behavior needs to stop.

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  7. I see Shane Brannigan has now covered this topic on his 'Brutal Truth' page. Except he is not reporting any 'brutal truth' as he seems to have omitted important details such as the ''wrongly accused a gay man of grooming children, '' quote from that Barnsley Chronicle.

    But we all know what it's like in the hunting page mass hysteria world: All judges are nonces, as are the politicians too, and the Royal family are actually lizard people from a galaxy far, far away.

    There's really no cure for stupid Mr Shenanigans.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Shane's understanding, of 'Truth', is very fragile.

      This applies to, almost, all of 'The Community'.


      The OSC