Wednesday, 14 February 2018

'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For February




  1. Another case of idoits taking the law into there own hands.
    Never right.

  2. Vigilantes are disgusting what gives them the right to smash anyone's Windows and drive people out of there homes.
    What a dreadful neighborhood the guy is best off away from there.

  3. Good, I'm glad he got driven out of his home. Serves him right, Sarah's/Megan's law should be universal, parents, have the right, to know, where all, of the sex case's, are living.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    To somewhere else; with much higher risk, of harm, still all around them (i.e. parents, guardians and friends).

    Every time this happens, it secures the fact, that Public Notification will never happen, here.

    That is the single thing, we all should celebrate, about these cowardly, barbaric, moronic, criminal, attacks.


    The OSC

  5. He showed kids porn,he put himself in that position, these are the REAL kids that you keep talking about, real kids.. The people want him away from their children,what did he expect showing kids sexual cartoons? A street party for him?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Your, straw man, rant, has no relevance. No one has the right, to dictate, where anyone else lives; only dangerous, cowardly, criminals try that and those with legal authority; these were the former.

      Your support, of criminal activity, will not be tolerated, here.

      You, have had, your chance and response.


      The OSC

  6. Well said OSC your absolutely right no one has the right to dictate where anyone lives everyone has the right to live in peace i will not support criminal activity regardless of what this man has or hasn't done.