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Oh Dear, Oh Dear Amanda ... SuperTwonk And The Internet Sheriff, To The Rescue Of Inanimate Objects And Data

The BS Continues ...

PUBLISHED: 23:07, 24 May 2013 | UPDATED: 23:18, 24 May 2013

My journey into the hell [sic] that is internet child porn [that will be, "is not"]: We asked [incitement !!!] AMANDA PLATELL to view the websites that twisted the mind of little Tia's killer

"Victim: Tia Sharp, 12, was killed by porn user Stuart Hazell.

Pictures of a sweet youngster with pigtails and round spectacles dance across my office computer screen. I had typed the words ‘little girls in glasses’ [don't try this at home] into Google and clicked through the images which popped up. [you get creamy, Amanda?]

This is the same phrase that Stuart Hazell — the killer of 12-year-old Tia Sharp and a habitual child porn user — typed into his home computer prior to his sickening attack on the little girl. You see, Tia wore glasses [ah, incisive]. And Google allowed [sic] Hazell to turn this innocuous phrase into something vile, something no right-minded person would ever wish to imagine [sic].

Indeed, the judge found [sic] it was access to this porn which had fuelled Hazell’s sick fantasies, leading him to sexually assault Tia. He even took souvenir pictures of her dead, naked, violated body propped up in bed [allegedly] — one last image to satisfy his perversions."

"I typed in ‘schoolgirl abuse’ [don't try this at home] and in 0.16 seconds Google delivered me 6,860,000 results; page after page [you are going to have to pay some heavyweight restitution, Amanda] of young girls being violated, some in English [violated in English !!!], many from other countries.[one has to laugh]

But then you don’t need to understand the dialogue to see what’s going on.

‘Under-aged incest galleries’ [don't try this at home] delivers 5,470,000 vile [sic] images in 20 seconds.

Victim: Tia Sharp, 12, was smothered by Hazell. He had previously looked for child porn and had filmed the girl as she slept. [did he have breakfast, that morning, too?]

The thought that these images could be accessed in any home with a computer is, I would argue, almost beyond belief in a country that calls itself civilised."

We will ignore her unevidenced, false, dominant narrative, ranting, on IIOC, for now.


Mark Williams-Thomas

What is 'the confusion', Jim?


... then wisdom speaks ...

Mark Williams-Thomas

... and Amanda Platell's mind becomes even more twisted. 

Addendum (12:00)

Oooooooooh, could it be, that you are a now just a nobody, Jim?

Addendum (13:48)

This is Money (no shit, Sherlock) ...

PUBLISHED: 23:07, 24 May 2013 | UPDATED: 12:44, 25 May 2013

My journey into the hell that is internet child porn: We asked AMANDA PLATELL to view the websites that twisted the mind of little Tia's killer 
"The Daily Mail, which carried out its investigations in the public interest, is reporting these websites to the police. Readers must not access these websites as it is against the law."

[hahahahaha ... like they do not know what the links lead to. What a pile of bullshit - and readers can prove it (this is not compulsory, nor advised, as the internet is a 'wonderful' place) ... search it (it is now 25/5/13; 13:00), leave the links alone, if you wish, and click on 'images' - see what you get - utter bullshit. You know where to find us, constable, if you would like to see the outcomes of our research, then again, just Google It :) ]

Poor Journalism

We have made a comment, there. 


Addendum (14:33) - Sack Amanda Platell

"One video I watched, of 24 minutes in length, came up when I typed ‘teen schoolgirls abused’ — another of Hazell’s searched-for phrases.

It starts with a sweet-looking girl [no glasses] in her early teens [sic] ...

'Angel' in 'Extreme Teen [volume] 17"


 "How old are you?" - "18" - "you're 18? ..."

 ... walking home in her school uniform [is it?]: long [short, ankle] white socks, short skirt [see above] and, as we discover later, pristine white cotton underwear. It’s a stilted performance. But while the girl [sic] is clearly acting a role, the fear in her face appears to be all too real [hahahahaha].

A man is watching her in a car parked outside her house. His accent is a peculiar hybrid of British and American [American-Italian, perhaps?]. We learn he’s been stalking the girl for weeks. He knows when she gets home from school [sic] that she is alone for an hour before her parents arrive back from work.

He tricks his way into her home [bad leg] and within minutes is violating her, before forcing her to perform a sex act on him. Then he rapes her [how do you know, it is not supposed to be a husband and wife, in a fantasy roleplay?], in every possible position [not quite], all captured in close-up [hair, yuck]. ‘No one has to get hurt,’ he says to the child [hahahahaha], ‘if you do what I say.’ He tells her she’s ‘secretly enjoying it’.

His other repeated refrain is: ‘Don’t you tell a soul or I’ll come back and hurt you.’ And hurt her he does [hahahahaha]. Not forgetting his final phrase: ‘This is our secret.’"

The Analysis

This video, is to be found, within the commercial, adult, site, (we will not link directly to the video) - it is entitled 'Teen schoolgirl abused - 24 min'.


This is the registration information of

Domain name:

>Handle..............: CLI-299346
>Name................: Copypaste Limited
>Street..............: 3/F, 65 Wyndham street, Central district
>Postalcode..........: N/A
>City................: Hong Kong
>Province............: HK
>Country.............: HK
>Phone...............: +852 2530 1793


Here is the disclaimer, for

Contact form:


It is stated, in the comments, that the male is Michael Stefano:

"Michael Stefano (born August 29, 1969) is a pornographic actor and director. Before entering pornography, Michael held a variety of jobs in the restaurant and hotel industries. While working as a bartender in 1997, he met a couple with a connection in porn and would appear in his first film shortly thereafter. He would appear in over 900 films and, by his own estimate, perform in over 3,000 scenes."

Michael Stefano - Full Filmography

Michael Stefano

Michael Stefano 

Michael Stefano

Michael Stefano

This is confirmed, from many other videos, featuring Mr Stefano, on the same site (and other sites).


The female character, states, quite clearly, that she is 18, in the video.

We are now working on the identity of the female actress.

At this time, we believe it to be, the beautiful, Carmen Minor (D.O.B. 5/7/83; Years active, 2007-2010 (age 24-27), although it is likely to be very early in her career:

Carmen Minor 

Carmen Minor Interview Oct. 2, 2007

Carmen Minor Interview II Oct. 2, 2007

See Addenda, Below


This is the opening disclaimer, from another of Mr Stefano's productions:

Addendum (14:33) - The Authorative Mangina

Graham Grant

Tim Douglas

We posted at the Daily Mail - yeah,that will be let through ;)



Addendum (23:03) - The Mangina Will Not Rest

Addendum (26/5/13: 00:23)

Posted: 25/05/2013 12:43 BST | Updated: 25/05/2013 16:36 BST

Daily Mail Journalist Amanda Platell Admits Viewing Child Porn [sic] For Article, Faces Possible Police Investigation

"The Metropolitan Police says it is "liaising" with the Daily Mail after a journalist wrote about visiting child pornography sites [sic].

Specialist officers are in discussion with the paper after the article headed 'My journey into the hell that is internet child porn', was published.

In it, Amanda Platell described how she used the same search terms as Stuart Hazell, who was jailed for life for the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp.

"During the past two harrowing days, I have discovered how easy it is to enter Hazell’s world," she wrote, setting out the search terms she used to bring up obscene [sic] footage of young children [sic]."

PUBLISHED: 00:40, 25 May 2013 | UPDATED: 00:40, 25 May 2013

Google's deadly web of poison and hatred

"Despite a public outcry, as Amanda Platell hauntingly [hahahaha] describes on these pages, the search engine continues to provide ready access [sic] to the degrading images blamed [by idiots] for fuelling [sic] the depravity [sic] of paedophiles [sic] like Stuart Hazell [sic], who killed 12-year-old Tia Sharp after obsessively trawling the web."

Addendum (26/5/13: 11:45)

Please Mark, credit where credit due ;)



Paedos [sic] and platitudes

"Is it right that Amanda Platell faces a police investigation for looking at child porn [sic]?

Amanda Platell, the former press secretary to William Hague, wrote an article in yesterday’s Daily Mail in which she examined how easy it is to access child pornography [sic]. Later in the day, Mark Williams-Thomas, the “child protection expert” who exposed Jimmy Savile, reported her to the Metropolitan Police and now Ms Platell faces a police investigation.

In the feature, Platell made clear why she had decided to write about this taboo subject before sharing some truly horrific [sic] details [sic]."


Addendum (29/5/13)

Tuesday 28 May 2013 07.28 EDT

Nick Ross and the myth of the self-guiding penis

"Platell's needlessly gratuitous article, was the most spectacular misfire yet in the Daily Mail's war on porn. I'm not going to get into the merits of what she did, except to note that much of her story suffers from a plausibility deficit. The opening paragraph neglects to mention that she added the word "porn" to her search, while the results of a Google search for "cute pussies" – a search that supposedly traumatised her anonymous friend's children – are only disturbing if you have a cat allergy, or you've deliberately disabled Google's default "safe search" filter.

Platell paints a picture worthy of Baroness Greenfield, in which vulnerable minds are corrupted by an ill-defined online menace. "Many paedophiles start off like Hazell, dabbling in adult online porn. In the same way marijuana can lead to heroin, it's a gateway drug. Before they know it, they become addicted." I'd love to discuss the research that Platell uses to arrive at this theory, but none is cited. What I can say is that the concept of "addiction" to sex and porn is given far more credence in media offices and Hollywood clinics than it is in the halls of academia.

There are many things to pick apart in that article, but what really struck me was Platell's description of pornography (the article variously conflates child porn, violent porn and porn in general) as "an evil that is rousing men like Stuart Hazell to commit murder". Suddenly we're back to helpless man-beasts at the mercy of their penises, and it's not a long line between the idea that pornography drives men to sexually abuse and murder children, and the belief that a short skirt can incite rape."

Martin Robbins



Platell’s ‘Internet Hell’: A 12-year-old Commercial Porn Video (NSFW)

"Note: I don’t usually do content warnings but I have tagged this post as ‘NSFW’ – ‘Not Safe For Work’ – because of it’s textual content which includes a fairly frank commentary on pornography and, in particular, on a legally produced and marketed commercial porn video, dating from the late 1990s/early 2000s, which appears to depict, at least briefly, a simulated sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman – and if you find that kind of thing upsetting then you may prefer to head elsewhere. There are, however, no explicit images or video footage in this article (so if you’ve landed here while looking for porn, you’re in the wrong place) and the video in question does not depict either actual or simulated child pornography or extreme pornography, as defined by s63-67 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, a fact of which I was fully aware before carrying out any of the research for this article."

"For legal reasons, I should stress here (again) that I was made aware of the fact that this video had been identified, and of its location and of the actual nature of it’s content (i.e. that it does not feature either actual or simulated child pornography nor does its content fall within the legal definition of extreme pornography) before undertaking any of the research that follows." 

Oh, don't be so coy - nice, detailed, piece, though - well done.



Of course it was, and was not, you dope.


Addendum (30/5/13)


“Sweet-looking girl’ in Platell’s ‘child porn’ video identifed

"Angel was therefore at least 18, and quite possibly 19 when she filmed the scene which Platell misidentified in her article as child pornography.

With that, I think it’s now abundantly clear that the Daily Mail should, at the very least, retract the section of Platell’s article that describes this particular video and that its owes the readers of both its print and online editions an apology for having published inaccurate and misleading information."

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