Monday, 15 July 2013

Brian Flynn - Sun Scum, Takes His Pieces Of Silver, Once More

Published: 13th July 2013

They could have been next

"Child killer [rehabilitated offender] RO showered my kids with gifts, gave them weird posters, spanked my son in playfight. He was grooming them...

Beast [offensive and inflammatory] on loose ... evil [offensive and inflammatory] RO prowls street last month.

Exclusive [keerchhinggg]

"A MUM last night told how child sex killer RO groomed her three kids as cops kept his past secret and said: “They could have been next.”

O, 58, lavished gifts on them and would ask to babysit — with the mum unaware he was in a gang feared to have killed 25 youngsters.

The fiend [offensive and inflammatory] — back in jail last night — gave her girl, seven, part of his garden to use, spanked her son, 13, in playfights and gave him posters of kissing and cuddling kids.

He got three years yesterday after his ties to them broke an order curbing his contact [sic] with kids.

Escape ... mum with her children targeted by fiend [offensive and inflammatory].

But the mum blasted authorities for not telling locals about O — who called himself KC and befriended several youngsters in Maidstone, Kent — to save his privacy [bullshit].

She said: “We trusted him but he was grooming my kids and could have killed one of them. When I found out I threw up. I’m furious no one warned us. We’ve a right to know so we can protect our kids.”

The woman, who also has a girl, 17, added: “It chills me to the bone that I let him near my children.

“He was so close to us that I left my keys with him and he offered to babysit a few times.”

Victim and killer ... Jason Swift, left, and paedo [sic] RO in '95.

A Maidstone judge said as he jailed O yesterday: “There was pre-meditation on your part in targeting children of that family.”

The monster [offensive and inflammatory] was freed in 1997 after serving half of a 15-year term for the 1985 gang-rape and murder [sure?] of Jason Swift, 14. The London paedophile gang [sic] is feared to have killed up to two dozen others [yeah, right].

O avoided the sex offenders register as his crime pre-dated it [so, what is you point? You think he is not monitored].

Alert ... Sun 2009 story.

The beast [offensive and inflammatory]— living with partner CB — has spent two years in his Maidstone bungalow. He even sold toys at car boot sales. Wary locals — some of whose kids he also targeted — learnt the truth in June when they found a 2009 Sun story about him ogling kids in a mall. They called cops to demand his eviction."

Child sex killer [rehabilitated offender] back in jail thanks to The Sun

RO jailed after flouting sex order ban following Jason Swift killing

Paedophile gang [sic] terrified as fellow abuser is killed

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