Sunday, 21 July 2013

Would That Be 'Normal', James?

Tuesday 4 June 2013 6:24PM

The biology of paedophilia, or why there might not be one

"James Cantor says there is not much research to support the abused/abuser theory, where a victim also becomes an abuser in adulthood.

For many of us, sexual attraction to children is difficult to understand—let alone the disregard child-sex offenders have for the physical and emotional harm they can cause [sic] Lynne Malcolm examines the emotional psychology of paedophilia and explores if the brains of paedophiles make them a biologically different class of person."

"Assoc Professor Cantor agrees that the majority of paedophiles [sic] are ‘regular everyday people.’"

"Human societies up until recently have regarded the onset of puberty and not the end of puberty as the signal for sexual maturity. 150 years ago the age of consent in England was 10, so as a society our concern about protecting children from sexual exploitation is a relatively new thing" - Professor Stephen Smallbone


Essay: The Vagaries and Changes of Perception

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