Friday, 26 May 2017

Paedophile Hunter [Sic] Myths Destroyed


25 May 2017

Force says ‘paedophile hunters’ don’t protect ‘real children’

23 May 2017

Kent Police say paedophile hunters should stop 

April 2017 3:07pm 

'Paedophile hunters' arrested by police as officers begin crackdown on social media vigilantes

April 24, 2017

Kent Police has arrested two 'paedophile hunters'

April 27, 2017

A 'paedophile hunter' has spelled out why he disagrees with Facebook Live 'stings'

19 April 2017 12:58

‘Paedophile hunters’ scrap Facebook Live stings after police warning


Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Dangerous, Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools - The OSC


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