Saturday, 3 June 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 2g)


Late May 2017 ... often, the drugs don't work ...


Oldfield's Interview

A few more examples, of Shane's 'debating' prowess ...

There was more Shaneduggery

Once Shane had 'gone quiet', off he went, to one of his, now banned, Facebook pages, looking for any idiot affirmation that he could muster ... 


... it continued, a little more, until closure.


Shane is an inconsiderate and ruthless liar (as are, some of his followers); to his targets, to his idiot affirmers and to all those around him ... and, cannot help himself, when it is time, once again, sadly, to lie to himself ...

The man who runs away, from what he calls 'debate', as evidenced, above.

Shane is incapable of rational, logical, polite and learned debate; he has no experience, education, groundwork or foundations, for them; his emotions and substances, always, make him fail, at what matters in life. Most people learn from failure, which is good, Shane sees it as a terminal and inevitable lifestyle.

As the 'Hunters' now shatter and newbies fold, due to lack of staying power, infighting and reduced tolerance, from the authorities, perhaps, this is going to be the final curtain, for Shane Brannigan, the biggest, low resilience, unstable, dangerous, self-serving and selfish, deceiving, whining, '#snotbubbler' 'Hunter', of them all?


Time tells, always.


Why driving under the influence of narcotics is a A Good Thing ...



Everyone is entitled to their day in court, but, one has to get there first (arrested, once more?) ... oh dear, failure again, it appears ...


June 2017; GH leaving stains crown court 



Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 3



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