Friday, 16 June 2017

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 2

Always Hissing

Continued from Part 1 ... 

Games With Serious Frontiers - Part 1


We elected to delay this piece, until a detailed portfolio was completed, on a number of members of a Facebook group, so as to pass it to the police.

Following recent, repeated, menaces, we may now reveal some details.

The 'owner' of the Facebook group:




... is a Mr Gordon Buchan, of Glasgow. We have an image of this man, but that will be in the portfolio, at this time. This man is well known to the police and authorities. aka Gordon Fury WhoopsJoshua

May 2017

The 'GodGhandis' account never existed


This is a formal instruction, to Mr Buchan,
to cease and desist, from menacing, stalking, harassing
and causing anxiety and distress, or allowing such,
via various social media vehicles (all evidenced).





A portfolio of Mr Buchan's activities has been collated, and will be provided to the police, next week.

At this time, a second known person, within the group, will also be reported for possible, related, illegal, activities.



So, onward and upwards ...



A formal statement was provided to the police on 10/7/17.


The thing about snakes, is that they look just like you, when you are a snake ...

... and, for the record, all our data and sites are legal, fully backed-up, and can be reinstated, within minutes.

More to follow.


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