Sunday, 20 January 2013

We Call 'Bullshit' - Prove It

January 18, 2013 9:49AM

Number of child sex website detections 'quadruple'

"THE number of web pages identified by Australian authorities as containing child sex abuse material [sic] has quadrupled since 2006.

There was a 20 per cent rise in such pages detected in 2012 alone, they say.

Yet online child pornography remains accessible to Australian pedophiles [sic], in part because of the nation's light-handed approach to internet censorship [sic].

Senior federal detectives say an increasing number of child sex abuse websites [sic] are being created, mostly overseas, by highly-organised networks [sic] using rapidly-evolving technology aimed at protecting their anonymity."

"The internet user said the website had an "innocuous" looking internet address.

"I clicked into the main site to see who these people were and found an entire Wiki (a website developed collaboratively by users) of info designed to assist pedophiles [sic] in avoiding detection," the person wrote [sic].

There have been around 16 pedophile [sic] "advocacy websites" - visible in Australia - investigated since 2008, including four in 2012 and six in 2009. [well, sorry about Free Speech, lobbying, advocacy, and all that]

Russian internet child pornography increases dramatically

Russian Internet Child Porn up 12-Fold Since 2008

Over 90 websites shut down in 2013 for distributing child porn

Russian register of blacklist websites goes live

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