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Mr Tom O'Carroll - Sage, Intellect, Freedom Fighter, And Maker Of Better Histories And Futures

 Few, So Brave and Honest


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The Paedophile (Very Unlikely To Be One) Next Door


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The rise of the lachrymocracy

"What proved particularly tough for me was an unexpected visit by Humphries to a difficult time in my past, when I was young. I am not sure why I was so unprepared. In retrospect, the topic in question was an obvious one to explore.

My mistake was to assume I needed to focus my preparation solely on rational arguments and scientific evidence, and how to present things in a rhetorically persuasive fashion.

This all seemed very remote from ancient details of my personal history. In retrospect it was a silly oversight on my part, but that is with the benefit of hindsight.

OK, time to stop beating about the bush. I was overly emotional.

My paternal lineage is Irish but I was brought up in 1950s England into the culture of the British stiff upper lip. I hate the public displays of emotion that are so ubiquitous in the media these days, which appear to have started in the UK with the mass lachrymosity of the British public in response to the death of Princess Diana (a person most of the “mourners” had never met and knew little about) and which now extend to the winners (and losers) in televised cake-baking contests and such like: no event is too trivial to be the occasion for weeping these days.

As for more serious matters, we are not so much a liberal democracy now as an increasingly illiberal lachrymocracy: it is the weepers and wailers – sometimes with good cause but often not – who call the dirgical tune and imperiously demand we should all sing it."

"But enough. The audio is here, on Dropbox."


I was severely amused by paedo Chris Denning 

"Thirteen years for both of them! Charles Napier, sentenced the day before Christmas Eve, got exactly the same as was meted out to Chris Denning earlier in the month, as though these savage punishments were choreographed to send a seasonal message of goodwill to all mankind except paedophiles."

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18, 2015 00:30

This man is a pedophile, and proud of it

"Meet the activist whose life’s work is arguing that pedophilia is OK.",0 


Thank you Tom.


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