Wednesday, 10 January 2018

If, We Get, The Time And Opportunity

Where, should, nearly, all of the money, time and effort, be directed, for 'success'?


"Dear Mr Hogg,

I write to you in response your comments about there been no place for “vigilante” peadophile hunters in policing. Without sounding offensive look at the facts and do some internal digging and have a look at our statistics nationally. Of course there is a place for people like us in policing because without groups like ours children would be at further risk from the scandal that is online grooming. Nationally the uk police force receives tens of millions of pounds of funding to combat the same thing we combat daily for free with no budget.

Its comments like yours made to the papers that have prompted my response but prior to responding i had to think about the way in which i would respond my response will be based on the very case you passed comment on. I'm glad that your “grateful” for the evidence we provided your staff to assist them in the prosecution of Mark Cardwell. As you may be aware without the prompt work of all teams involved mark cardwell would have gone on to commit further crimes against children and i have no doubt whatsoever this would have resulted in a child been raped. I can say this as i have the evidence from the case in my possession and his intentions were clear.

Your comment of there been no place for hunting groups within policing appear to be the words of somebody who is either unaware of the scale of the problem or simply somebody who just does not care. Those words are an insult to police officers on the ground across the country. The Mark Cardwell case is a prime example of how the british police are failing to identify and apprehend suspects of sexual crimes towards children. It is also part of a much bigger picture of the work groups like mine put in to identifying these offenders and bringing them to your attention.

At the time of his arrest Mark Cardwell had already facilitated a meet with young girls, asked for and sent indecent images and had groomed a number of decoys. Thankfully no real children were involved but as you will be aware sometimes this just isn't the case and real children get caught and groomed online. This in the worst case has been proven to lead to rape and murder (kayleigh's story). I for one don’t wish to get involved in an online exchange of facts but i felt the need to reply to your senseless comment as our statistics as a community speak for themselves.

The probation service is failing in its so called ability to rehabilitate offenders in to wider society. Offenders are not managed efficiently and sexual harm prevention orders aren't worth the paper they are written on because they are clearly not adhered to. As a community we are constantly coming across reoffenders with some who are still on licence for their crimes reoffending. This is clear cut evidence that we as a community are essential and in continuing the great work we do we are able to bring these people to your attention as clearly your punishments carry no real deterrent for them.
I must stress that while the criminal justice system accepts our intelligence and evidence on offenders there will be no shift or decline in the work that we do. Many people within our community are survivors of abuse failed by the system and its these people who are the heart and soul of why we do what we do. We do this to protect children and highlight offenders.

While im on the subject of Mark Cardwell i would like to take a moment to thank the officers that attended that evening. Those officers did the durham constabulary proud and were a pleasure to work along side.

can someone please make sure MR HOGG sees this. should he wish to speak to me directly my number will be on file !!!!!

Dark Light Founder" 



We may detail (again), why 'Mike', is not thick, but, is, essentially, stupid and bad (and incorrect and dangerous), on our scale ... 

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  1. Shane has it sussed where the education should be,organised accounts to be inside children's chatrooms so they can approach these accounts for help,pushing schools and youth groups to educate on self safety online and other plans with James O'neil now. I know this blog loathes Shane for their own reasons but hes the only one pushing in the right direction or else it will be a never ending circle and the end does need to happen to keep children safe. Now Interceptors are attempting to destroy both Shane and this push to attempt to focus where it is needed totally.She wouldnt be able to scream in wives and mothers faces like a maniac if stings were stopped would she,her anger at partners/family is so grossly misplaced and so much higher than at the ''paedophile'' himself that it reeks of self projection abuse issues where a family member knew and allowed it to happen maybe. Using others innocent families for vengeance of your own suffering should not be done by any of these hunters.

    1. It’s taken Shane a long while to wake up to the reality that doing stings will never provide the desired end product (a vast reduction in the threat to children in an online context), but he got there eventually. One particular hunter claims to have been doing this since 2006, so that’s 12 years without any impact on the desired end goal.

      I’m glad that Shane has seen the light; as for the others, I have no hopes for them whatsoever as they think those of us that disagree with their chosen methods are ‘nonce sympathisers or enablers.’

      They are all clearly too thick to see the bigger picture; while the government still allow it, they will continue to sit on their toadstools like gnomes dangling their bait, never reducing the problem; instead, only increasing the amount of fish in their nets. Year in, year out, year in, year out, year in, year out.

  2. Dark Light are backed by Ronnie Craig/Sean Gower they are friends of the team members.

    Ronnie Craig is owner of the (thug) Hub (NAE undercover) and another trolling group they made to pretend trolling is not in the Hub,all his lot troll (bully) old women who have different views on Interceptors live feeds,they mail them with threats and often post on their facebooks or their families facebooks (always calling them nonces) They also troll other hunters,whoever is out of favour for Sarah Doherty usually,what can you expect from teams made from any of this lot.

  3. If it’s all about the kids, follow evident research but I can’t see Julie doing it as she likes power and control so she would still want to go mouthing off on stings

  4. I like the way Mike makes the comment fortunately there were no real children. Of course there were no real children its a proven fact real children dont use adult dating sites. If hunters want to catch paedos put decoys in places where real children are. Not over 18 sites.

  5. There is no problem its people like Mike and other hunters creating a problem.

  6. This is the team who allowed a young kid on a sting, then lied to everyone and said the kid was not there