Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Biggest, Most, Mind-Boggling, Mystery Of All



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Professor Green explores why many working class men feel demonised, forgotten and angry.





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  1. Shane Brannigan bleating on about statistics this morning to BBC Radio Kent and the 'failures of the police.'

    The man is completely delusional and if a debate is to be had, the people debating these vigilantes must take into account that most of the stings since Stinson Hunter until present day have been performed on adult dating sites. While Shane himself appears to have put decoys solely on Facebook, the same can not be said for the others, this is fact.

    There is little/no evidence that real children join these sites - so no real children are actually being protected. It is highly ironic that while all these 'predators' are in fact breaking a law by continuing their chat, it is still a fact that all of these 'children' on adult sites are 'decoys.'

    These vigilantes are creating crime out of thin air, enticing men who would not have otherwise necessarily have ever committed this type of crime.

    If a real 'child predator' wanted to find children, he certainly WOULD NOT seek them on adult dating sites.

    The 44% statistic that Brannigan quotes, as the vigilante contribution to dealing with offenders is therefore a complete and utter con. False stat created by morons. It boils my piss that Brannigan and co have the audacity to slag off the police when real detectives actually target the real criminals.

    Someone get writing to the likes of Chief Constable Simon Bailey to ensure these fraudsters are exposed.

  2. And while the row carries on some of us only put decoys in children's chatrooms and do not live feed for the circus.

    Shane has the right idea,going in the right direction educating the children to enable themselves to keep safe online leave him be while he figures it.

    There are much more deserving hunters who shouldn't even be here to expose.

    1. Yet Chelsey harwood stated on a live she will do anything to stop him from going into schools. Sarah Doherty really does pull the strings on her puppets

  3. I am aware that 'some' hunters decoy on children's chatrooms, but I am also aware that the VAST MAJORITY of men streamed live were in fact caught on an adult dating site. I have observed these stings (worldwide) for a decade and would estimate that at least 80/90% of stings were set up via adult dating sites throughout the last decade.

    Even today, the majority of men caught on camera only ever mention sites such as Grindr or Badoo etc...often asking why a child would be on there and stating that they were not sure whether to believe it (confusion).

    The standard answer from hunters is always, 'it doesn't matter about a child being on that site.''

    This is incorrect as it is against the policies of those sites and also the responsibility of all parents and guardians of any child to ensure that child is both sufficiently educated into what constitutes 'no-go zones' as well as having their internet activity monitored and controlled by parents.

    The simple of act of insisting your child uses their device online in a 'family room' will automatically reduce the chances of strangers chatting to your child online, if you as a parent are 'looking in' on what they are doing. Also building trust with your child, to ensure they know that they can tell you anything that happens without fear or embarrassment - will also be another effective measure that can be taken.

    While men caught talking to what they think may be a child on an adult dating site does not necessarily prove they were searching for children in the first place, it does however show that many men out there are extremely opportunistic (and quite obviously of low moral compass and thinking with their penises) - so this is why I say repeatedly that you hunters need to campaign the government to bring in legislation that will force all adult only sites to introduce stringent verification processes that will protect children by preventing them accessing them in the first place.

    This would stop the problem overnight, meaning no more need for hunters to waste their own time with decoys on those sites - which also means they can they put their new found time into hunting where real children definitely exist online.

  4. These hunters work ??

    I think you would find a lot on the sick but not sick enough to decoy for hours do all the charge packs work,drive for hours,take on security work on stings or chase men down streets

    1. Many are on benefits or even sell illegal substances. Which is the reason they sit on the Internet all day and night trolling (and even brag about their trolling prowess).,

  5. I listened a live chat lastnight and they were taking about certain hunting teams it came up that one team are charging there decoys £10 per mouth and guess who that team are KKS the con man himself Patrick Fripps no supprise there.

  6. That team has about 60 decoys??

    20 decoys paying £10 is £200 in his bank

    40 decoys is £400 a month in his bank

    60 decoys is...

    What does he spend this money on ?

    Hes being paid a wage by decoys really?

    Do they demand to see where the money has gone each month?

    And if there are 60,50,40,30 or 20 decoys there MUST be a huge list of men snared on chatlogs need stinging? Has to be yet how many does this team sting a month? 1 ?

    So why have all these decoys yet not sting what they catch ? How many men are sat in these decoys phones just left there?

    1. I know Kks have a lot of decoys that's a lot of money going into Fripps AKA Upton AKA Hall's pocket. He tells the decoys its for petrol, ink , paper, phone top ups , memory cards etc the decoys even have to provide there own phones and pay for there own credit. That's why Kks have such a high turn over of decoys. Most other hunting teams are aware of what Paddy is doing and they are disgusted yet none of them speak out about it. They slag him off behind his back instead. I think they should all make a stand against him and make all the public aware of what he's doing.

    2. I don’t get it! Why are they paying him?! Shouldn’t he pay them to be his decoy?!
      That’s why he’s fat.. too many maccys with his free dosh

  7. What’s happened to sly sting from internet interceptors? It seem it’s only Sarah and Andy now

  8. Sly Sting rogered Louises 'bare back' bottom in a hotel room.
    That's the last I remember of him.