Thursday, 11 January 2018

Lying, Dangerous, Destructive, Stupid-As-Pigshit, Fantasist, Hateful, 'Normal People' - Usual, Faulty, Gene Pool


"... had to ..." - You did not, even, have to be there you, lying, simpleton.



Onwards ...

'Posh Lad'

'Wannabe Stinson - John Jason Smith', without, the mental capacity

'Knuckle Dragger' ...

... plus, confused, decoy and some female.

The OSC 

Information to, as usual, please.



Prologue - Sins and Sons of Stinson

Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools

Tracking And Understanding, The Recent And Faltering, 'Hunter' And Follower, Pandemic, Moral Panic And Hysteria 

Vigilante Paedophile [Sic] Hunting Groups In The UK Are Out Of Control

You Know It Is All Over, Go Now, With A Modicum Of Integrity

The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing
One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority

The 'Hunters' Are Restless

Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues

Slowy, But, Surely

Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)


The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!!


If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

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  1. This was mental they not only thought they were the police in a police car they admitted they did on live stream!!

    Then they smash his windscreen incase he ran them over'incase'? What the hell you cant go round smashing peoples things 'incase' others do things.

    Lastly they admit smashing the window on live stream then change the story to some stranger smashing it and helping them at pedestrian crossings,oh no says another team member live feeding adlib to try cover their backs,he smashed it in this car park lol

    Total dangerous shambles where they live feed the evidence against them and then they lie and all done on a few hours of chatlogs

    Hurry up with legislation.

  2. These people have to be stopped. Somebody is going to be killed.

    All over a fake 15 year old? This is getting out of hand.

  3. Look at the state of these people. The huge 'Mike Tyson' style face tattoo. These people are jobless, scummy reprobates. And let us not forget the jobless, scummy, arsonist reprobate who started the show, Stinson Hunter.

  4. Never seen these before but once again, they fit the description of chav vigilantes perfectly. More monkey faced idiots that look like they've been shopping for their attire at Sports Direct.

    I remember that moron from Creep Catcher UK did a car chase scene as well. Julie from Interceptors also filed herself driving after an alleged offender who had ran off on foot as well.

    The authorities surely must step in now before innocent civilians get killed. These brainless baboons have no legal authority to get involved in pursuits, nor do they have the proper advanced driver training that police officers undertake.

    This vigilante crap must stop now.

  5. ''What's that other place that sounds like Newcastle accents?''

    ''Scotland, or Birmingham?''

    If the government were to ever regulate this circus, I would recommend that not only should they require an Enhanced DBS check in order to 'sort the wheat from the chaff,' but also, IQ tests would also eliminate at least half of these idiots too.

  6. Omg just when i thought id seen it all. Im gobsmacked by these knobheads behaviour Abosulty disgusting. They could of killed someone. And whats with that vile tattoo on that idiots face he looks bloody ridiculous he's a middle aged man does he not realise how stupid he looks.

  7. So mark astley is the founder of capital ocp? So why is fat bod Amelia acting boss? She will cling onto any group even plastic pig! She’s gone round hunting groups like men!

  8. The moron from creep catchers uk use to cart his pregnant girlfriend on stings with him

  9. They have a new fuck up sting out,they forced entry and the man got a knife. Even Shane posted its a balls up

  10. Did the man even get a knife tho ? No one saw any knife.

  11. I doubt it,its just more drama to mask their own wrong doing

  12. Add this team to the shit list of money grabbers from CSE

    They just posted up they definitely will be taking donations.