Thursday, 11 January 2018

They Always Are, In This, Victimless, Crime

Sentence Normalisation.

This, is only the beginning, of a, demanding and challenging, new chapter, for these victims, and some, will be, very, angry.

But, what do self-obsessed, dangerous, short-termist, stupid, vigilante, hateful, ignorant, thugs, liars and zealots care?

Like these idiots ...

Still, persecuting and hateful, with their lies and passive-aggressive, ignorance ...

Until, it is, far too, late  - Consequences.
The OSC 

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Prologue - Sins and Sons of Stinson

Why Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends, Antis, Vigilantes And Their Aggressive Thralls, Do What They Do

There Is Now No Need (Still) For The Paedophile Hunters [Sic] To Meet Their Prey - Ever

Paedophile Hunters [Sic] And Their Friends - Why They Are Pointless, Time-Wasting, Resource-Wasting, Ignorant, Hater, Fools

Tracking And Understanding, The Recent And Faltering, 'Hunter' And Follower, Pandemic, Moral Panic And Hysteria 

Vigilante Paedophile [Sic] Hunting Groups In The UK Are Out Of Control

You Know It Is All Over, Go Now, With A Modicum Of Integrity

The Reasons, 'Hunters' Do Not Do, What They Should Be Doing
One More Nail, In The Coffin, Of Any Future Legal Authority

The 'Hunters' Are Restless

Not The First Time, These Simpleton Reprobates, Have Caused Conflict, Social Unrest And Public Order Issues

Slowy, But, Surely

Could Not Have Happened, To A Nastier, Guy (Well, Perhaps, A Few More, A Bit Nastier)


The Likes Of Stinson Hunter's Prey And Sex With 'Kids' - Get A Clue !!!


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  1. I could tell from the first moment I saw this sting that he was exactly the type of loner that would not get a prison sentence. It's just a shame that vigilantes can't see they are wasting their time with stinging any like him, or with severe learning difficulties, or stinging a lad who has just turned 18.

    They should simply hand over the evidence straight to detectives and let them make the decision (especially as most of these men are not talking to real children, have never committed this type of crime before, or are actually proven to be seeking children due to the 'adult dating site sting method' used by vigilantes).

    The hysterical reactions from their followers are just as predictable as they outcome to this case was.

    The government need to hurry up with new legislation that would only allow civilians to work while properly regulated and actually targeting real paedophiles instead of lonely, sad individuals on adult dating sites and apps. Or just ban them altogether.

  2. Tonight's sting on KKS proves my past point entirely.

    Guy being stung asks what a child would be doing on an 18+ site.

    Paddy's only answer is to ask whether the child should be arrested for doing so (a ridiculous reply indeed).

    Guy being stung replies that these sites should be 'controlled.'

    You are correct sir, this is what I have been saying for many years. Strict verification on all of these 18+ websites would virtually put all/most vigilantes out of business.

    Government take note!

  3. They are absolute prime cunts to use their page to put his name out,the court with medical assessments stated what sentence and help this man should get,they should go with the law not try become over ride i.They have done their part that they feel they need to do even if questionable streaming severely disabled people at times.And why I am leaving this revolting community to decoy adults (21+) in childrens chatrooms with logs passed to police,no live streaming disabled people for fame and no facebook page for my own ego,just pure child protection because that's what it should be all about until children can be better taught to protect themselves with websites moderators from places like Safebook inside childrens chatrooms

  4. Tonight someone stung a lad about 19, a 19yr old chasing a 13/14/15yr old is not paedophilia,a 45 year old chasing a 13/14/15 year old IS paedophilia,a 19 year old chasing an 9 year old IS paedophilia. This behaviour needs correcting and firm guidance but not life wrecking live streaming of ages our parents and us were bloody dating at
    Pass this stuff to the police not live stream labelling so he never will be able to date his own age because you caused that so who will he hunt out for company im future when so lonely? Use your bloody heads dont create more problems,don't live stream under 21yr years at least or hand to police if you are so without intelligence that you must

  5. Article in the Beano this morning.

    Two things that are incorrect in the above article:

    ''The groups pose as children on social media sites and either wait for paedophiles to make contact, or initiate conversations based on tip-offs.''

    These groups mainly pose as children on 18+ dating sites, and this has always been the case. Stinson Hunter used to decoy on Plenty of Fish and Internet Interceptors use sites like that (one of their recent sting subjects in the past 6 months mentioned that site on the video).

    Many other hunting groups, just like Stinson, also decoy on sites such as Badoo, Grindr, Tinder etc... All of these sites have a lower age limit of either 17 or 18. Children are not permitted to join (as per said site's policies).

    Therefore, this also undoubtedly means that the 44% figure often being quoted is also a 'false statistic.'

    This is because men that are genuinely interested in children would most likely seek children in a place (online context) where they would believe they exist. It is highly unlikely that a paedophile or hebephile would join an 18+ website for the purpose of seeking out their desires.

    The existence of real children on adult dating sites is also highly debatable, and I believe that the authorities need to have these conversations because 'catfishing' lonely, sad, pathetic men (often what we see on stings) on adult dating sites needs to be outlawed.

    For the record: I have no problem with vigilantes seeking predators where real children definitely exist, protecting real children would never cause an issue - but what I do take issue with is this false representation of the facts - which began with Stinson Hunter. Jim Gamble QPM called it a long time ago, when he said, 'in some respects, these hunters are, 'creating monsters.'

    He was referring to the method used - hunting on adult sites.

    If we take adult dating sites out of the equations in terms of 'hunting grounds,' I have no doubt whatsoever that the 44% statistic would fall dramatically. I am basing this on the fact that I watch all of these hunting groups, and very rarely do they mention the decoy being on something like Facebook - where real children do of course exist - at least 80% - 90% of the stings I watch appear to be connected to meeting via an adult only site.

    Suddenly that 44% stat looks very dodgy indeed, but hunter would have believe they do a better job that police (utter bullshit - the police target real offenders).

    I hope the police/government/media read this page and take on board my comments. This conversation regarding 'vigilante methods' needs to be had, because at present, we are filling our prisons with men who joined adult sites, but then were stupid enough to carry on chat with a decoy - none of these men (unless a repeat offender) are proven to be predators in the real sense - as they did not go seeking children where children actually exist.

  6. Mark Presley should never have been remanded he spent two month's on remand but that's still not enough for this team what do they want blood !!! Just shows there lack of empathy and compassion shows them for the evil cretins they are.

  7. Its ridiculous to get someone put down for chatting to a fake kid. Im surprised these cases get as far as court what a waste of tax payers money.

  8. Come on nigel! There’s a photo floating around of Amelia fat cow jaynes aka Samatha Radford but like to be called mantha

    1. Fatmunter would be a good new name for her.

  9. Pinocchio suits her. She already has the big nose and she’s already a liar. Weather she looks 30 or 38!

  10. Go on Dcunters page they put a pic of Amelia up. Why do you keep asking Nigel to do your dirty work so he has to take the flack. Go find a pic yourselves if your so interested in seeing her.

    1. People have seen her. I think they are informing nigel Oldfield

  11. Amelia is one of nicer women in the hunting community not that it would take much with the likes of Julie , Stacey & Titch but ive always found her to be pleasent enough. I don't know why people have got it in for her. It was Fripps that fucked up when they were in Predator Hunters together Amilea shouldn't of even been charged. Im sure she will be fine.

    1. You obviously don't know what she's like behind the scenes then.

      ''They smile in your face...back-stabbers, back—stabbers!''

  12. long as they dont mention any perjury shit she's done then shes safe for now

  13. N-force Justice tried to force entry into a young man's property tonight then deleted the footage ive just watched it on hunter v hunter page. Couldn't believe what i was seeing. They accused him of threatening them with a knife which there is no evidence of and when the police arrived they got him arrested for grooming and array. I just hope the police view the missing footage then they will see that the team broke the law by forcing entry. Its getting worse how much longer can the powers that be allow this to continue.

  14. Some teams need to name themselves 'special needs hunters' it's all they seem to catch the easy fooled lonely in adult chatrooms. Tammy Blackman is one who needs that badge who must sit day and night in adult chatrooms catching all the special needs.
    Get out of adult chatrooms go in childrens chat apps where real paedophiles lurk and children need you to protect them