Sunday, 2 June 2013

Brian Flynn - A Major, Lying, Disinforming, Sleazeball - The Sun, Of Course

One of the worse, of the worse


Published: 14 hrs ago

Sun fight on fiends [offensive and inflammatory] protects [sic] 600 kids

"HUNDREDS of kids have been protected [sic] from sex beasts [offensive and inflammatory] because of a new law [sic] brought in after a Sun campaign [hahaha].

Figures obtained by The Sun show police have been forced [sic] to disclose information about paedophiles [sic] to concerned parents in 635 cases since Sarah’s Law [sic] was introduced in 2011."

Too much BS, to fit into one squashing.


Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn, Investigations Editor, The Sun

Sun reporter fails language test


The Sun's Brian Flynn: 'Stories, cuttings and contacts - they're the only qualifications you'll need'

Indeed, Brian, being correct seems irrelevant.


Sun investigations editor Brian Flynn has urged Lord Justice Leveson to recognise the importance of tabloid investigations

‘Sun’ reporters avoid investigative journalism due to fear of arrest

Sun investigations chief: Bribery Act has forced us to turn away whistleblowers



Brian, instead of whining, about the 'problem' which you and yours (predominantly) helped create, just try to be ethical, honest and correct, first - if you know what these words mean - it may work wonders. 


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