Saturday, 22 June 2013

One Day Stinson, It Will Not Just Be A Car - Please Take Our Informed, Caring, Advice

Often Legless

We have told you, that you are playing with fire.

This is a life and death issue.

You have still not realised this.

For all that is humane and peaceful - stop the 'name and shame' - if you have evidence, report it to the police.

Even your life is too valuable, to be risked for fleeting fame and glory; please, take your own advice.



7 Jun

Stinson Hunter ‏@stinsonxhunter

Just had it confirmed that not only is my right ankle broken but my left ankle is fractured. Sucks but I will be fighting fit soon!



Friday, June 21, 2013.

Paedophile [sic] hunter run over in sting that turned 'malicious'.

"A SELF-STYLED "pervert catcher" has issued a warning to copycats about the dangers involved after he was run over when a recent sting turned "malicious".

The town's most prominent video vigilante Stinson Hunter is now recovering following a seven-day stay in hospital after he was knocked down by one man he had arranged to meet while posing as an underage girl.

."Two weeks ago I was run over by one of them, it was a meeting we were trying to do with a man [who was there] for sex," said Hunter.

"That is the most significant danger I have personally experienced. It was a malicious attack – he drove at me and I had to jump on to his car to stop him taking my legs, which is a bit sick."

Hit and run suspect caught on motorway

‘Paedophile hunter’ left with two broken ankles after being run over in Nuneaton sting operation

Vigilante attacked by paedophile suspect he was targeting in sting


Friday, June 28, 2013

Leave policing to police force

"I WAS not surprised to read about Stinson Hunter being run over in last week's Herald.

People like him are taking the law into their own hands when they set up these video 'stings' to catch so-called paedophiles and what they are doing is downright dangerous. Not only is it dangerous to them – as Stinson Hunter found out – but it is dangerous to the people they confront, who are effectively tried in public, on video, before they have been even charged by the authorities.

I thought in this country you are innocent until proven guilty in a proper court.

No-one would disagree with what Stinson Hunter is trying to achieve, but there are proper ways to protect children and catch paedophiles [sic].

We should leave the policing to the police.

Concerned reader, Tamworth."

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