Sunday, 2 June 2013

Oh Dear Jim, You Are Getting Sloppier And Sloppier, In Your Old Age - The Butner Myth?


Here we go, gentle readers ...


As We Said, So Long Ago

"This document, gleaned from various sources, is a factual chronicle of Dr. Andres E. Hernandez‘ decade-long ―Butner Study, from inception to its ultimate opprobrium by his peers and some federal courts.

Data, generated without rigorous methodology and/or without peer review, does not survive long in the realms of science, medicine, or law. Similarly, it should not carry any weight in psychiatry/psychology. However, The Butner Study has managed to insinuate itself into every nook and cranny of Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) commitment laws in the United States without such scrutiny"

"While the Court is loathe to simply agree with a mostly unchallenged expert, the Court can find no error in Rogers’ conclusion that the Butner Case Study “isn’t scientifically vetted, doesn’t meet scientific standards for research, and is based upon, frankly, an incoherent design for a study.”




Shortly after our post ...

Well, readers, we cannot argue with what Jim believes is 'acceptable "operational reality"' [sic]

Please just go and read the pdfs, and judge for yourself.

Then you may make your own decisions, on Jim's knowledge, veracity and integrity.

Jim, if you have any more myths, for us to squash (and we know you have), carry on your present work, as is.


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