Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tell Us, Ms Keenan ...

 ... when did this event take place (nearest year (even decade), if you please)?

Do you have any knowledge of the past, legal, commercial availability, of such material?

Once again, we will assist you, on your journey ...


Remarks of Arnold Burns Before the Florida Law Enforcement Committee on Obscenity, Organized Crime and Child Pornography, December 3, 1987 

"Organized crime involvement in pornography is significant. According to testimony before the Pornography Commission in 1986, organized crime infiltrated the pornography industry in 1969 through well-known crime families. By 1975, organized crime controlled 80 percent of the obscenity industry. Studies indicate that obscenity and child pornography are now regular features of the organized crime profile."

New York v. Ferber

"The court in Ferber [1982] found that child pornography, however, may be banned without first being deemed obscene under Miller [1973] for five reasons ..."

Excerpts From Opinions in Ruling on the Child Pornography Prevention Act [1996/2002]

"We consider in this case whether the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 abridges the freedom of speech. The C.P.P.A. extends the federal prohibition against child pornography to sexually explicit images that appear to depict minors but were produced without using any real children. The statute prohibits, in specific circumstances, possessing or distributing these images, which may be created by using adults who look like minors or by using computer imaging. The new technology, according to Congress, makes it possible to create realistic images of children who do not exist."


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