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Of Course Not, Jim ... A Bit Irritating, When You Are On The Outside, Eh?

8:00am, Tue 18 Jun 2013

Summit to tackle abuse images

"Why the debate over blocking child abuse images [sic] is misleading

UK Child abuse Internet In an article for ITV News, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Jim Gamble, has warned that today's summit called by the Culture Secretary to put pressure on leading internet and technology companies to do more to tackle child abuse images [sic] on the web will achieve little.

Today's meeting between the UK's top Internet Service Providers and the Government is going to be a perfectly choreographed event that will produce lots of sound-bites about things already in motion but achieve little else." [well, you know how that works, eh, Jim?]



Jim Gamble




ISPs Head For No 10 For Internet Porn And Child Abuse [sic] Talks


Summit tackles web pornography and images of child abuse [sic]


Cameron: Web firms not doing enough to tackle child abuse [sic]


Cameron fears his own children will stumble across online porn


Maria Miller warns internet firms on child abuse images [sic]


Culture Sec warns internet firms on child abuse images [sic]


PM puts the heat on abuse [sic] websites


Google gives £3m to aid crackdown on child abuse images [sic]


Internet Watch Foundation on combating child abuse imagery [sic]


Google builds system to identify child abuse images [sic]


MPs to call for more funds to tackle child abuse images [sic]


Google invests $7m in eradicating child abuse [sic] from the web


Google Introduces Better Child Abuse [sic] Prevention Tools


Google flings another £1m at online child sex abuse [sic] vid CRACKDOWN


Police are ‘failing to halt spread of online child abuse’ [sic]


Internet giants given two months to plan how to block child abuse images [sic]


Web giants urged to tackle child abuse images [sic] online


Google plans anti-child abuse image [sic] database to fight online evil [sic]



We *really* like this one, you will see, why, later ...

Friday 14 June 2013

BT to display clear message on web pages containing child abuse images [sic]

"The new system is the latest move in the battle against indecent online images, which are believed to have played a part in a number of recent high-profile child murders. [only by idiots and profiteers]"



Please 'exploit' us, again, Mr Murdoch ...

Last Updated: 18th June 2013

Google unveils new plan to wipe out online child abuse [sic]

"GOOGLE’s new plan to wipe out sick [sic] child abuse images [sic] from the web has been hailed as a ‘game-changer’ [sic] by Sun Justice campaigner [sic] Shy Keenan. The search engine recently announced a new system to allow law enforcement agencies to share information [sic] about vile pictures of children being raped or abused.

A database of these ‘hashed’ pics will then be set up, and they will be erased from the web wherever they occur — forever [sic].

Shy said: “Google’s plan could be a real game-changer [sic] in the fight against online paedophiles [sic] and the sickening pictures [sic] they circulate on the web."


Published: 16th June 2013

Parents power

"Families of Tia and April join forces with Sun campaign by taking web filth [sic] battle [sic] to Downing St

Plea for action ... Paul and Coral Jones, left, and Natalie Sharp and David Niles outside No10

THE parents of tragic April Jones and Tia Sharp have bravely joined forces at Downing Street to demand Britain wipes out internet child abuse [sic]. They came together for a crisis meeting organised by The Sun at No10 — and told the Government’s web chief: “Make it our daughters’ legacy to get rid of this filth.” [sic]

Both April, five, and Tia, 12, were murdered last year by paedophiles [sic] who had been scouring [sic] the net for sick images [sic]."


Published: 11 hrs ago (19/6/13;12:32)

Net enough

"April Jones’s parents slam deal with internet giants over child images [sic]

Clean-up blitz ... shadowy world of web is targeted

MURDERED April Jones’s parents last night slammed a Government agreement with internet giants to crack down on child abuse images [sic], saying: “It isn’t enough”.

Firms including Google, Microsoft and BT were summoned to Whitehall yesterday for a meeting with Culture Secretary Maria Miller — and both sides backed a beefed-up role for the UK’s online watchdog.

The top four internet service providers agreed to give the Internet Watch Foundation just an extra £250,000 each over a four-year period — despite raking in billions from their online businesses."


April's Parents Back Child Abuse [sic] Crackdown


David Cameron to meet April Jones' parents in fight against online child abuse [sic]


Sharp calls for more action tackle child sex abuse [sic] online


Fiend who raped me was addict of violent web porn




Google, the IWF et al. learned, long ago, the quickest way to shut fools up (even powerful fools), is to pay them off. However, you knew that, already, Jim.

You may have to wait a while longer, for the UIP.



Addendum (19/6/13)

Minister claims progress in tackling child abuse images [sic] online


PUBLISHED: 16:14, 18 June 2013 | UPDATED: 11:03, 19 June 2013

Maria Miller under fire for boasting about being the 'only mother in Cabinet' to divert attention from web porn plan

">Aides to the Culture Secretary highlighted her children ahead of summit
>Risked looking insensitive towards four childless Cabinet minister
>Meeting with Google, Microsoft and BT agrees to beef up web watchdog."


Maria Miller warns [sic] internet firms on child abuse images [sic]


Child abuse [sic] showdown "hijacked by ignorant MPs"


Internet watchdog to tackle online child abuse [sic]


Government ‘failing’ in battle to block online child abuse images [sic]


Whitehall and Internet Firms Agree Crackdown on Online Child Abuse Images [sic]


'Fundamental change' in removing child abuse images [sic]


UK ISPs to give £1m towards hunting out child abuse images online [sic]


Internet giants and Westminster agree approach to tackle online child abuse images [sic]


Parents fear children are still at risk [sic] despite child porn curbs [sic] 


Child sex abuse [sic]: Internet firms MUST do more, says campaigning Hull MP


Broadband providers commit £1m to fight against child abuse [sic]


Google and ISPs efforts won't stop spread of child abuse images [sic], warns NetClean CEO



19 Jun

Jim Gamble ‏@JimGamble_INEQE

"Anyone who is interested in the debate on the #internet summit the @BBCRadio4 PM interview from about 15.30mins http://goo.gl/zVXbo"



PM - 18/06/2013



Internet giants secretly urged by ministers to pretend they are blocking online porn to let Cameron declare 'victory' on the issue


David Cameron urges internet firms to block child abuse images


Published: 7 hrs ago (21/7/13)

Help us, PM 

"Coral and Paul Jones, whose daughter April was sexually assaulted and murdered by loner Mark Bridger, produced a picture of a young teenage girl hugging an inflatable penis.

They explained their daughter had found it five minutes after logging on to a website which was supposed to support April.

A visibly shocked Prime Minister took the image from them and promised to crack down on the spread of vile images."


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